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Employee Resources

For support in accessing any of these resources, please contact Debbie Lopez.

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To coordinate onsite training and support, please contact Pam Buchanan

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For CAASPP Support, please contact Denise Foster

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SBAC Digital Library

The Digital Library is an online collection of resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards that support K–12 teachers in their use of formative assessment processes to adjust teaching to improve student learning. The Smarter Balanced Digital Library supports educators with the four attributes of formative assessment: (1) Clarify Intended Learning; (2) Elicit Evidence; (3) Interpret Evidence; and (4) Act on Evidence. The Digital Library provides subject- and grade-specific resources intended to help educators apply the formative assessment process during daily instruction. In addition, the Digital Library has collaboration features that allow users to rate materials and share their expertise with educators across the country. The Digital Library can be accessed at: http://www.caaspp.org.

Assessment Resources

Assessment Calendar 2017-2018





Advanced Placement (AP)

Voluntary for students in grades 9th - 12th.

May 7-May 25

The College Board believes that all students should have access to academically challenging coursework to ...more

SBAC Interim Assessments

Interim Assessments are available to us for use in grades 3-12. The Interim Assessments are specifically designed to provide the following:

  • Meaningful information for gauging student progress throughout the year toward mastery of the skills measured by the Summative Assessments.
  • Assessments of the CCSS, which can be used at strategic points during the school year.

There are two types of Interim Assessments:

  1. Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs) are built on the same blueprints as the Summative Assessments. The ICAs include the same item types and formats, including performance tasks, as the Summative Assessments, and yield results on the same vertical scale. The ICAs yield overall scale scores, overall performance level designations, and claim-level information. 
  2. Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) focus on the smaller sets of targets and therefore provide more detailed information for instructional purposes. The IABs yield overall information for each block. An IAB Chart (PDF) shows the interim assessments available for grade level English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics. 

Both the ICAs and IABs are administered online, using the same delivery software as the Summative Assessments. These assessments are designed to be accessed at regular intervals throughout the school year.  The SBAC Interim Assessments can be accessed at: http://www.caaspp.org.

We have access to four main assessment resources in Snowline: INSPECT Item Bank, Illuminate Database, SBAC Digital Library, and SBAC Interim Assessments to meet the comprehensive needs of our teachers and other staff members in addressing PLC question #2 (How do we know that they know?) so that students increase academic performance and overall success. A brief description of each resource and access information is provided throughout this page. 


The INSPECT  item bank has CCSS aligned testing items for K-12 in English-Language Arts (13,884), Math (20,283), Science (5892), and History/Social Science (8611). There are prebuilt Summative Assessments, Interim Formative Assessments, Performance Tasks, and Checkpoints for ELA and Math. The Checkpoints have 6-8 questions that measure a cluster of standards. They are prebuilt, but can be customized. It is suggested to use the Performance Tasks in a scaffolded approach over the course of the year: the first one is guided by the teacher, the second one completed in small groups, and the third one completed independently. These assessments can be administered with paper and pencil or online through Illuminate. Results can be analyzed in Illuminate. The INSPECT item bank can be accessed in Illuminate at: https://snowline.illuminateed.com.


Illuminate is our student academic database. All assessment results can be aggregated and analyzed in Illuminate. Individual student, class, grade level, school, and district reports can be generated. Both prebuilt and customized reports can be generated. Elementary school teachers (except Heritage) generate standards-based report cards in Illuminate. The Illuminate Database can be accessed at: https://snowline.illuminateed.com.