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COVID-19 Safety Plan 2021-2022

What is the COVID-19 Safety Plan?

This document provides guidance for SNOWLINE JUSD to support a safe and clean environment for employees regarding the current pandemic of COVID-19. The guidance is not intended to revoke or repeal any employee rights, either statutory, regulatory or collectively bargained, and is not exhaustive, as it does not include health orders, nor is it a substitute for any existing safety and health-related regulatory requirements such as those of OSHA.

This Worksite-Specific COVID-19 Safety Plan may be amended as procedures and guidance from the San Bernardino County Health Department (SBCHD), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA are


The COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP) primary administrator Robert Chacon has the authority and the responsibility for implementing and maintaining this program for the Snowline Joint Unified School District. The alternate program administrator for the CSP is James Fields.

Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining the program in their work areas and for answering your questions about the program. A copy of this program is available in the Risk Management Office, the Snowline JUSD website, and at each school site and from each manager and supervisor.

The Management of the Snowline Joint Unified School District are committed to the implementation and maintenance of an effective CSP to ensure your health and safety. In addition, every employee is responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of the people they work with.


All Snowline Joint Unified School District employees, including managers and supervisors, are responsible for complying with safe and healthful work practices. Our system of ensuring that all employees comply with these practices includes:

  • Inform employees of the provisions of our CSP when first assigned
  • Evaluate the safety performance of all employees
  • Provide training to employees whose safety performance is deficient

Hazard Assessment

Periodic Inspections and evaluations to identify workplace hazards are performed in our workplace.

Hazard Correction

When observed or discovered, unsafe or unhealthy work conditions, practices or procedures are corrected in a timely manner based on the severity of the hazards.

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