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Home Hospital is a temporary alternative to school instruction and is available to students who cannot leave their homes to attend school because of serious medical problems such as leukemia, surgery or other illnesses as deemed appropriate. Behavioral issues need to be assessed by Special Education for an appropriate placement.
Eligible students in Home Hospital are assigned a SJUSD Certificated Teacher that is credentialed in the course(s) assigned.


The student’s medical provider must provide a written request for Home Hospital and included in the request the provider needs to state the reason/diagnosis and duration of time; referral not to exceed forty-five (45) days. Beyond any forty-five (45) day period, a new completed referral is required for services to continue.
For any inquiries relating to Home Hospital Instruction please contact your school site.


Kirk Strickland
Administrator SIA
Foster Youth/Homeless Liaison
SARB Administrator
Lyne McGuire
Secretary SIA
Office: 760-868-5817 Ext. 10142
FAX: 760-868-5309