August 12, 2021

Snowline JUSD Staff Members:
As we start the 2021-22 school year with five full days of in-person instruction across Snowline JUSD, here is a document designed to hopefully provide clarification around the various COVID-19 guidelines. This collaborative effort also includes links to the

California Department of Public Health Guidelines:

CAL OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards:

Snowline COVID-19 Safety Plan:

Snowline Youtube Channel:

*Please check out Dr. Holman’s 3-in-3 messages and his recent presentation at the August 10th Snowline School Board meeting for more information. Finally, please refer to the parent FAQ document from Dr. Holman dated August 6th for more related details about school opening. Please continue to let us know if you have any questions.

With so much information out there, what should I do first?
Continue to monitor your own health and complete the self-screening form daily. Practice good hygiene habits for yourself and your students. If you are not feeling well, stay home and monitor your symptoms as well as your close contacts.
Do students and staff need to wear a mask while at school?
Yes. In accordance with CDPH guidelines, all students (vaccinated or not) must wear masks in all indoor school settings, unless exempted per the guidance document. Staff members (vaccinated or not) must wear masks in all indoor settings when students are present unless exempted per the guidance document. When in outdoor school settings, masks are optional.
Will students need to wear a mask on the bus?
Yes. Per CDPH guidelines, students and staff members must wear masks on buses including field trips and athletic events.
*Under the current guidelines, student field trips are permissible but should be planned with an abundance of caution relative to the field trip destination and related safety protocols for the event.
Does Snowline JUSD have a plan on how we respond to students who refuse to wear masks?
Yes. Per CDPH guidelines, school districts are required to develop protocols for students who are not wearing masks in indoor school settings as required. Our protocol will be grounded in an educational approach. Masks will be given to those who forget. Instruction will be provided to students who wear masks improperly. Parents/guardians will be contacted to work with administrators on solutions to wearing masks as mandated. If challenges persist, independent study through Snowline Academy will be discussed and decided upon.

Excerpt from Snowline COVID-19 Safety Plan

In accordance with CDPH guidance SJUSD will utilize the following local protocols to enforce the CDPH mask requirement.
a. Students who forget to bring a mask, remove the mask while indoors, and/or are improperly wearing the mask while indoors, will be asked to correct the issue and/or be provided a mask by the school site.
b. If a student refuses to properly wear a mask indoors the student will be sent to the office for school site administrator intervention. Every effort shall be made to work with the student and parents/guardians to ensure that the student may continue to attend full-time in-person instruction without violating CDPH requirements.
c. The school site administrator will speak with the student/parent/guardian in an attempt to mutually agree to follow the CDPH mask requirements. If successful, no other steps must be taken, the verbal agreement will be documented and the student will be sent back to class.
d. If CDPH masks guidelines cannot be followed by the student, the school site administrator may explore alternative learning opportunities for the student until the CDPH guidelines change or the student/family are willing to follow the CDPH mask requirement.
Are students and staff required to physically distance themselves from each other?
No. Per CDPH guidelines, this requirement has been removed for in-person instruction when other mitigation strategies (e.g. masking) are implemented. Furthermore, there are no limitations on gathering size for indoor or outdoor events.
Are my students required to have a COVID-19 vaccination to attend school?
No. Students do not need to be vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus to attend schools in the Snowline JUSD and throughout the state. Additionally, there is no process in place to require that students reveal if they have been vaccinated or not. While we have made COVID-19 vaccination clinics available to residents throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so as needed, the decision for a student to receive the vaccine belongs solely to parents/guardians.
What happens if a student is sick in the classroom?
In accordance with your site policies, the Health Technicians will check students and take the necessary steps to determine the severity of the illness. In accordance with the CDPH guidelines, students and staff may be required to isolate or quarantine. It is important to note that the guidelines differentiate between a vaccinated and unvaccinated person relative to these procedures. In order to properly support you, please make sure to complete and turn in your Self Attestation form.
How will my classroom be cleaned this year?
Per the CDPH guidelines, cleaning once a day is sufficient to remove potential viruses that may be on surfaces. Classrooms with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be cleaned in accordance with these guidelines as well.
What steps should I take to properly ventilate my classroom or office?
Per CDC recommendations, bring in outdoor air as much as possible considering the weather conditions. Open windows and doors if safe to do so. Take advantage of conducting school activities outdoors when circumstances allow.
Will visitors and volunteers be allowed to be on school campuses?
No. At this time, visitors and volunteers are considered nonessential by the CDPH, and access to school grounds must be limited. Partnerships with our families and the entire learning community are extremely valuable and will be resumed as soon as guidelines allow.
Will student arrival and dismissal have special processes?
No. Since these processes take place outdoors, students can be dismissed according to your site plans. Although visitors and parents are not allowed on campus, they are allowed at all campus gates to support your school processes.
What details are known regarding mandated vaccinations or testing for all teachers and other school employees?
Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement of the most recent State Public Health Officer Order requires all school staff to either show proof of full vaccination or be tested at least once per week. School districts must be in full compliance with the new policy by October 15, 2021. More information will be shared as procedures are determined.