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Snowline's Virtual Wellness & Relaxation Center

Hi there!! Welcome to Snowline's Virtual Wellness and Relaxation Center - we are delighted you are here.

Finding ways to decompress, unwind, and cope are very important under perfect conditions - these conditions, they are far from perfect. Now, more than ever, it is vital that we attend to our emotions, mental health, and overall well-being.

The Virtual Wellness and Relaxation Center was designed as a place for SJUSD families to find tools and strategies for managing the whirlwind of emotions many of us are feeling. We sincerely hope you find the material throughout this site useful.


Happy exploring!  Click the link for more info:  Snowline Virtual Wellness & Relaxation Center

Take part in the Snowline Summer of Self-Care Challenge. 

If you choose to take part in this challenge, you will need to take a picture of you doing the self-care activities you choose and enter them into the Google Form or click the button below!
  1. Below, you will see a chart of suggested self-care activities.
  2. Complete and share pictures of your self-care activities on the shared Google Form.  Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, August 2. 
  3. For every documented activity, you will receive an entry into a drawing to win prizes and will receive something recognizing the important self-care work you completed.
  4. The entries will be shared at the District Welcome Back Breakfast on Monday, August 8, and the drawings will take place that day.
Practice mindful breathing each day

Write down goals for each week

Pick a room in your house & clean it

Plan a fun activity & then do it

Grab dinner with your best friend

Volunteer for your favorite non-profit organization

Keep a daily gratitude journal

Plan healthy meals and then cook them

Do something spontaneous

Practice your favorite hobby

Treat yourself to a massage

Play with your pet

Work in your yard--plant some vegetables or plants

Cook your favorite dish and share it with family or friends

Do something that challenges you

Meditate and stretch

Develop an exercise plan with a partner for accountability

Listen to your favorite playlist

Track your positive habits

Write in a journal

Indulge in extra rest by going to bed an hour earlier

Go for a sunset stroll

Avoid social media for an entire day--or longer

Speak with a counselor, mentor, or spiritual advisor