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Loving Solutions  
Concrete Solutions For Tough Kids
  • Learn how to never argue with your child again.
  • Improve school performance
  • Stop unwanted behaviors
  • Answers for parents of children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
   To help your child make better choices, join us.

    Call for new schedule.

    We will meet for ten weeks and classes are held at SJUSD.

    For more information or to reserve your spot, contact:

    Martha Salazar @ 760-868-3442 ext 51011

Parent Project

Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior


Call for new schedule.

We will meet for ten weeks. Classes are held at Snowline School District.

For more information or to reserve your spot, contact:

Martha Salazar @ 760-868-3442 ext 51011

Lyne McGuire @ 760-868-5817 ext 10142

Empowering Parents

Transforming Children/Teens

Is your child:

  • Failing in school
  • Using drugs
  • Using Alcohol
  • In a gang or tagging crew
  • On probation
  • Defiant
  • Disrespectful
  • In trouble frequently

Are you a frustrated, burned-out parent? Would you like to improve your relationship with your child?



  • Learn how to never argue with your child again
  • Prevent or intervene in alcohol or drug use
  • Improve school attendance and performance
  • Find resources to help your family
  • Learn how to "out-will" a strong-willed child


FACE IT…the tougher it gets to be a kid, the tougher it gets to be a parent.

Our kids face unprecedented pressures and problems. No wonder so many of them have given up resisting society’s ills and started reflecting them.

While this may explain their difficult, defiant or destructive behavior, it doesn’t excuse it. Parents need to learn effective prevention and intervention techniques in order to help their children swim against the tide and grow into safe and competent adults.

Traditional parenting programs stress communication. They presume that if parents make their desires clearly known in an appropriate way, children will naturally respond.

The truth is, even when parents communicate skillfully and kids know exactly what parents want, many strong-willed children refuse to change their behavior. Parents are ignored, ridiculed, threatened, even hit.

Communication certainly isn’t bad, it just isn’t enough. It takes more than talk to motivate kids to change. Motivating and influencing our children’s positive change is what the Parent Project is all about.

“One of three exemplary community police programs in the state."

            California State Attorney General’s Office of Prevention

 “Distinguished Program of the Year.”

California Youth Authority

 To preview Unit 1 of Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior, click here.


Victor Family Resource Center

Victor Community Support Services, Victorville Campus
“Our Mission is to be a catalyst for sustained improvement in the lives of those we touch.”


 San Bernardino County Logo

What is the FRC?

The resource center expands services within the community through collaboration with other agencies and organizations, including the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This expansion of services includes implementing culturally and linguistically specific community services which are reflective of the social, economic, and ethnic characteristics of Victorville, which includes stressed youth and families. Prevention and early intervention programs will target community issues such as school drop-out rates; lack of leisure and support for families and youth; alcohol and drug abuse; domestic violence; and segregation and isolation of the community at large.



What services does the FRC provide?

The Family Resource Center offers a variety of classes and services. These services include those for TAY (Transitional Aged Youth) and Spanish speaking individuals and families as well as all other community members. Among those services provided are:

  • Limited Family/Individual treatment
  • Behavioral Health Education Workshops
  • Assistance with Resume
  • Cognitive Life Skills Groups
  • Adult Skills-Based Education
  • Parenting Classes
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Community Service Referrals
  • Nurturing Parents’ Group
  • Nurturing Fathers’ Group

760-245-4695  - 15400 Cholame Rd. - Victorville, CA 92392

Program supported by County of San Bernardino, Department of Behavioral Health, and

Funded by the Mental Health Services Act, Prop 63


A C.O.R.E. Solution

A Core Solution was formed in 2014 by four career driven women who purposed in their heart to make a difference in their community. They saw the day to day struggle of the single mother, the single father, the broken home and the forgotten teenager. Their goal was to create a safe nurturing environment where people could come to re-discover themselves through grace, assistance, education and above all else love. We specifically address the needs of low-income families, youth and children, older adults, veterans, people affected by disabilities and financial hardship.

There are adults that have found, by choice or by force, situations that are beyond their control. A C.O.R.E. Solution is looking to fight against the GIANTS in our lives like hunger, homelessness, hopelessness, poverty in mind, body, and spirit.

How will we fight?

With financial assistance through

  • collaborative partnerships and donations

  • through education and empowerment and

  • fight through coaching and mentorship with the commitment to transform lives and enlighten our clients to be the blessing that the Creator intended for them to be. 

 Goal... To empower a community where people realize and use their full potential to create change.

 For more information, call:

760-563-6767 or contact us by email at:

Our website is:

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9:am - 3:pm - Friday: By Appointment Only

Closed: Saturday & Sunday

We are located at:

14318 California Ave. Suite #106

Victorville, CA 92392

Kirk Strickland
Administrator SIA
SARB Administrator
Cheyenne Tatum
Social Worker
Foster Youth/Homeless Liaison
Lyne McGuire
Secretary SIA
Office: 760-868-5817 Ext. 10142
FAX: 760-868-5309