Pinon Hills LockOUT/Shelter in Place 5/15

Good afternoon Snowline,
Today 5/15, at approximately 9:50 am, Pinon Hills Elementary was put on a LockOUT/Shelter in Place due to the sound of gunshots in the surrounding area.  The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department was already at Pinon Hills Elementary investigating an incident that occurred over the weekend.  Sheriffs and Snowline PD responded immediately to the area where gunshots were heard, approximately 1 mile from Pinon Hills Elementary.  Sheriffs apprehended the suspect, and after a thorough search of the area, the LockOUT/Shelter in Place was lifted. 
We want to thank the quick work of our Snowline PD and San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department in apprehending the suspect.  Thank you, staff and students, for acting efficiently and appropriately while we waited for the police activity to subsite in our area!