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Short Term Independent Study


The district understands that taking a student out of school for other than the allowed reasons is sometimes unavoidable. Current law requires that students be out of school for the minimum of 3 (3) consecutive days,  maximum of 15 school days per year. Parent/Guardian need to notify site at least 5 days prior to placement on an independent study contract for attendance accounting purposes. If a parent knows in advance that their student is going to be absent from school due to family or business reasons, the parent can request an independent study contract to cover the period the student will be absent.

Independent study contracts are requested through the school office. If the independent study contract is completed and turned in upon return to school the student is not marked absent. If the independent study contract is not completed, the absences will be marked as unexcused and the student will not be allowed to make up missed class work.

The State of California provides funding to school districts based on student average daily attendance. The money received from the state is utilized to support the educational programs, extra and co-curricular programs, facilities, etc. Excessive student absences result in reduced funding levels, which negatively impact the quality of the educational program.

It is important that students are in the classroom engaged in learning that will help them to graduate and become successful adults. If students are in school, they are less likely to be engaging in negative behaviors and activities. Truancy is very often the “gateway" to juvenile delinquency and, later, more serious adult crime. Children are our most valuable asset and must have an education to succeed as adults.
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