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School Reopening Plan and Special Education

The Snowline Joint Unified School District is committed to ensuring endless possibilities for all students through high levels of learning, and Special Education is aligned with the same mission. The table below describes the current District options for Fall 20/21 and how SJUSD will ensure students will have access to their offer of FAPE. All In-Person Learning options within SJUSD are paused through February 16, 2021, due to COVID-19 Restrictions and out of caution and safety for our learning community. Please refer to any updates from SJUSD for the latest news on re-opening. 

Student Support Services
The Snowline Joint Unified School District provides a continuum of supports for students with disabilities who reside within our district boundaries. Our department is responsible for the planning and implementation of all special education services and programs, as well as Health Services. The information on this page is intended to provide parents with access to program information and special education resources.
Health Services 
Please visit our Snowline JUSD Health Services page for further information regarding Allergy and Asthma Action Plans, Health Forms, guidance for when to send your student to school, and other related resources. 
Continuum of Services
The Snowline Joint Unified School District offers comprehensive programming at the elementary, middle, and high school levels emphasizing high levels of learning and engagement for all. The Student Support Services department provides assessment, services, placement, and support within district-wide programs. 
  • General Education: Students with disabilities are provided Supplementary Aids and Supports to help them gain access to the general education curriculum within a regular classroom setting. 
  • Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI): Students with disabilities may participate in a small group or individualized instruction in either a pull-out (separate) or push-in (remain in class) setting with direct instruction from a credentialed Special Education teacher, or other trained special education staff member with supervision from a certificated teacher. SAI may be provided in the general education classroom or for portions of the day within a special education classroom. An additional level of support can be offered with more extended time in a separate self-contained setting.
    • SDC/Self-Contained (Mild/Moderate): Students with disabilities participate in a self-contained classroom setting to receive small group and direct instruction from a credentialed Special Education teacher and trained SAI associates. 
    • SDC/Self-Contained (Moderate/Severe): Located at Pinon Hills Elementary School and Quail Valley Middle School, students with more severe cognitive disabilities participate self-contained classroom and are provided a functional and academic program to prepare them for high school and beyond. 
  • Related Services:  Related Services include speech and language, educationally related mental health services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, Adapted PE, and other related services required for students to receive a free and appropriate public education. Some related services are provided in coordination with Desert/Mountain SELPA and/or non-public agencies. 
  • Additional Program Options: The Snowline Joint Unified School District contracts with Desert/Mountain SELPA, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, and other Non-Public Agencies (NPA) and Non-Public Schools (NPS) to provide specialized programs and related services. 
Registration and Transfers into District
For enrollment please see our Snowline JUSD Enrollment webpage. 
Due to high levels of enrollment, the Snowline Joint Unified School District Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) programs are impacted at Baldy Mesa Elementary School, Phelan Elementary School, Pinon Hills Elementary School, Vista Verde Elementary School, Quail Valley Middle School, Pinon Mesa Middle School, and Serrano High School. Any interdistrict transfer requests will be considered on an individual basis as determined by the student's level of need and site of residence.
Special Education Records Requests
Email Written Requests to:
Fax Written Request: 760-868-5806
4075 Nielson Road, Phelan, CA 92371
PO Box 296000
Phelan, Ca 92329-6000
Hours: M-F 7:30-4:00
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