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Superintendent's Message

On behalf of the entire Snowline learning community, welcome to the 2023-24 school year!  I am more excited than ever to experience this 180-day educational journey, bringing together the life-changing power of our staff members, families, residents, and all other stakeholders to unite around the common purpose of serving to the best of our abilities our greatest treasures---each and every child.
An education in the Snowline Joint Unified School District is an incredibly powerful one focused on the success of all students.  Our collaboratively developed core values define our character, guide our attitudes, drive our behavior, and inform our decisions.  This means that a world-class education that develops high-level academic, career, and life skills is coupled with a daily commitment to ensuring that our children feel as though they matter because they receive the best of humanity from us all the time.  This can only occur in equitable environments that are inclusive and recognize diversity as a strength while being supportive of the idea that all students are able to pursue their hopes and dreams.  Safety is also a priority for us, resulting in the creation of consistent, predictable, positive, safe, and nurturing climates in all settings so that the physical, social-emotional, and psychological well-being of all children is realized.  These guiding principles are valued district-wide, resulting in amazing outcomes that we owe to each and every student.
I am a believer in the power of a Snowline Joint Unified School District education.  My wonderful experience in this learning community began over four decades ago.  I will be eternally grateful for the learning, care, support, kindness, empathy, grace, and so much more that was extended to me when I was a student in these very schools. Snowline was a family in the best sense of the word then and we endeavor to maintain that for each child.  We can only do so by creating meaningful partnerships with our families, community members, and all other willing stakeholders who are mutually valued and collectively leveraged to serve our greatest treasures.  Join us in this effort, united around the cause that together truly is better.  It is what we owe all students.
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