Student Calendars

Commonly asked Questions?
What time do my kids get out of school on a early out day?
Elementary School  1:30 pm
Middle School  2:25 pm
Heritage School 1:30 pm
Serrano High School 12:34 pm
Chaparral High School 1:35 pm
Eagle Summit 1:40 pm
If we have snow days, when is the last day of school?
It depends, if we don't have any snow days the last day of school is on June 4th.  We will keep everyone updated as the year progresses if we have to use snow days and add school days to the end of the school year.
What is a Non-Student day?
Non-Student days are days where staff is required to be at work and students are not.  This allows staff time for training, planning and collaboration.
How do I find out if we have a snow day?
The fastest way to find out if there is a snow day will be to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  @snowlinejusd  Snow day information will be posted to our website and automated text messages, phone calls and emails will be sent out as well.