Digital Citizenship

With technology moving so fast, it is important to understand our responsibilities as Digital Citizens. Let's start with some questions to think about:
What does it mean to be a Digital Citizen?
What are our rights and responsibilities as Digital Citizens?
Are you aware of others when you use technology devices or the internet?
Please take a moment to think about your role in using technology and follow the available links to get more information on being a good digital citizen.

- Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship:


Please take a moment and review the following links:
Snowline JUSD believes in using technology to support educational goals. Read the Snowline Acceptable Use Policy carefully to see what our expectations are for your use of technology at school. Be a good digital citizen.
Snowline JUSD would like to provide all students Snowline Google accounts. This account would include a student email account and access to various Google apps. The accounts would help students communicate with their teachers, work collaboratively with others, and give them a rich set of tools to use for their school work.

Snowline JUSD "Bring Your Own Device Policy": We would like to offer students the opportunity to use their own devices, but they must have a signed BYOD policy on record, before they bring in their devices. Please take a moment and review the policy.


Our students live in a technological world that is moving at an incredible rate. Along with teaching students how to use technology, we must also teach them Digital Citizenship. I've included several links to Digital Citizenship information and the Common Sense Media Curriculum and the Digital Driver's License.
Visit Google's "safety center": Lots of great links to teach you more about being a good digital citizen.
Common Sense Media is a leader in Internet Safety Curriculum. Common Sense is free and has developed many lessons for Digital Citizenship. Snowline endorses the use of by Snowline schools. Beginning with their Scope and Sequence, you can easily navigate through grade levels and lessons. The lessons are made to be used as complete units or to be taken as individual topics. Common Sense Media offers many additional resources as well. I encourage sites to cater their Digital Citizenship Curriculum to their needs. Common Sense Media
Get a Digital Citizenship drivers license:
Teachers can enroll their classes and be able to review lessons and student progress. For students, to enroll, choose "New Student", "Snowline Joint Unified School District (CA)" as their school district, followed by your school and once they have completed the lessons, they will receive a digital citizenship drivers license. Good luck.