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Superintendent's Message 3.23.20

Added Mar 23, 2020
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  • 4:14 #yOURstory

    Dustin and Mindy Grijalva

    Uploaded Oct 10, 2018
  • 1:15 #yOURstory Trent Birch

    Uploaded Feb 07, 2019. Also listed in Resources
  • 4:23 Lip Sync Challenge

    #WorldKindnessDay is here and Snowline is ready to spread kindness through out the world! We challenge Apple Valley High School, Adelanto High School, Silverado High School, Victor Valley High School, Oak Hills High School, Sultana High School, Hesperia High School, Burroughs High School and CIMS to a LIP SYNC CHALLENGE! Shout out to Serrano High School for putting our #Kindness Video together!

    Uploaded Nov 13, 2018. Also listed in Resources
  • 2:28 #yOURstory with Matt Bodell

    Uploaded Dec 28, 2018. Also listed in Resources
  • 2:32 #yOURstory with Nick Garner

    All the way from the University of Arizona! A huge #HappyBirthday to Nick Garner and this weeks #TBT ! Thanks for shariing #yOURstory with us! #ThrowbackThursday

    Uploaded Mar 28, 2019. Also listed in Resources

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