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About Us

The Snowline Joint Unified School District (SJUSD) Board of Trustees desires to provide after-school enrichment programs that support the regular education program and provide safe, constructive alternatives for students after school. In order to increase the academic achievement of participating students, the content of the after school programs will be aligned with the district's vision and goals for student learning, its curriculum, and district and state academic standards. The SJUSD ASES program is planned using a collaborative process that includes parents/guardians, students, and representatives of participating schools. The program includes both academic and enrichment elements in accordance with the law and includes support services that promote student health and well-being.

It is the mission of Snowline’s ASES program to provide the following to its participants:
● Academic enrichment and homework assistance
● Arts, crafts, recreation, and sports activities
● A safe environment to have fun and learn new skills
● A nutritious snack and supper

Snowline’s ASES program was designed by experts in child development, educational leadership, and recreation. A Site Coordinator, as well as After School Program Assistants, staff every site. Staff members work closely with the school, classroom teachers, school counselor and the school Principal. Snowline’s ASES program has four major components; homework assistance, physical education through the CATCH Kids Club, enrichment activities, supper and a snack. The ASES Program strives to create an enthusiasm for learning while building reading, writing, math, and science skills. Planned activities are fun, challenging, and appropriate for each student enrolled. The SJUSD ASES Program is committed to providing a positive, safe, consistent, predictable and nurturing environment for all students enrolled. The SJUSD ASES Program is aligned with the California Department of Education (CDE) Quality Standards for Expanded Learning. The SJUSD ASES Program is evaluated twice annually using the CDE After School Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool. The results of the assessment are used for program planning and drive the ASES program improvement plan. For more information about the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning, please visit