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Physical Wellness

physical wellness

Focus on Balanced Nutrition


Avoid drugs and alcohol (& get help if you already use them)


Get Help Quitting Vaping


This is Quitting is a text-to-quit vaping service. The help and support you need is just a text away.


Students, text DITCHVAPE to 88709 or enter their phone number through the form on the This is Quitting website:


Want to talk to a a counselor?

Similar to This is Quitting, the Smoke Free for Teens website provides resources for teens 13-17 who are trying to quit smoking/vaping, including a text service and opportunities to speak to a counselor.
Teen Smoke Free website:



Exercise 30 minutes daily



Aim for Healthy Sleep



Take a break from Technology Use



Drink More Water


Need more help than these videos can offer? You aren't alone.
Explore the six domains of whole-person wellness:


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