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Summer School

Summer School 2019
Summer is here and we are excited that you are considering sharing some of it with us!  We want to provide you with a brief description of how our summer school program will work this year. The summer program will only consist of Edgenuity online courses.  The courses to be offered include English, math, social studies, science, and Spanish, as well as some other electives.


We recognize that summer is filled with sunshine, family and fun! That being said, we will work closely with staff and students to ensure a quality summer school experience.


Summer school labs will be located on the Snowline Academy and Vista Verde Elementary campuses. Classes are available for grades 9-12 and will be held from June 24 through July 26 with NO classes on July 4th. Students will be able to take 2 classes, but the classes must be taken one at a time.  Summer school lab hours will be Monday-Thursday from 9am to 2pm. The labs will also be open on Friday, July 26th, since students will be taking finals.  Finals must be taken at either lab site by July 26.  Your child must get at least a 60% on the final or they will fail the course.  All finals, except for Spanish, are open note.


March 18 - May 31  Counselors hand out contracts

  • Print out students transcripts
  • Print out student's current schedule with most recent grades.
  • Attach to contract with requested courses selected.
  • Two courses are allowed but must taken one at a time.  Please indicate which class is to be taken first.


March 19 - May 31  Students turn in contracts

  • Turn in contracts to your counseling office.
  • Students must include their Snowline email address.
  • Parent email and phone number must be included or contract will not be accepted.


May 6 - June 5  Login information sent out

  • Students will be emailed login information to their Snowline email.
  • Counselors will have access to a Google sheet that will have all the information on it in case a student comes in for


June 18 - June 21  Last minute summer school sign-ups

  • At Chaparral High School
  • 9 am - 12 pm
  • Parent and student must attend.
  • Student will be given login information that day.

***Core courses and Spanish are NCAA approved.

***No first instruction art classes in the summer.  Biology is now A-G approved online.


For any questions please contact (760) 868-6277 EXT. 52105.  



Check out the flyer below for more information.