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Bus Pass Information

If you purchase a bus pass online, please  complete Bus Pass Application and email to
If application is not received, bus pass will not be processed (FOR ALL STUDENTS INCLUDING STUDENTS WHO HAD A BUS PASS LAST YEAR). 



Snowline Joint Unified School District ~ Transportation Department

9558 Wilson Ranch Road ~ P.O. Box 296000 ~ Phelan ~  California  92329-6000 ~ (760) 868-6739 



If your student(s) require transportation during the 2018-2019 school year, this letter provides

 information on our School Bus Passes, Single Ride Tickets, Free/Reduced Bus Passes, renewal and operational policies and procedures.  There are three ways to purchase a school bus pass - by mail, in person, or through the District website.


Complete application and submit electronically, per instructions or email to Payment of fees may be made through the PayPams link on the website. Free/Reduced may not be purchased on line

  • Purchase a pass by mail.  You may download the application at our website and together with check payable to S.J.U.S.D. Transportation, mail to the above address.
  • Purchase at Snowline Transportation Department Bus Pass Office.
  • Single Ride one-way ticket books are available at the Snowline Transportation Bus Pass Office and on line.  You may purchase a book of 20 single ride tickets at a cost of $20.00, bus rider application must be submitted at time of purchase.  Each ticket is a one-way only ride.  A single ticket is required for each morning and afternoon ride.  Tickets are valid only for the school year in which they are purchased, are non-refundable, and are subject to space availability only.  Students using single ride tickets MUST utilize their assigned/designated school bus stop.
  • Designated Inter District Bus Stops  have been created for those students residing outside of SJUSD boundaries and who display a valid semester or full year bus pass.


A complete application packet may be picked up at your student’s school site, or can be mailed upon request.  Please call (760) 868-5624 and leave your name and address.  Forms will be mailed to you as soon as possible.


All bus passes shall be mailed to the mailing address provided on the application form. Bus stops shall be designated by physical residence address on school enrollment & also provided on application.  Applications that are submitted with incomplete information or without payment will be returned to you by mail.  All bus passes must be purchased in advance.


Your student’s school picture will be included on the pass for identification purposes.  If your student does not have a school picture on file you will need to bring your student to the Transportation Bus Pass Office and our staff will take their picture.


If you are applying for a Free/Reduced Bus Pass, you must fill out an Application and an Income Disclosure & Supplemental Information form.  You must provide a minimum of two months and

two separate forms of current documentation for eligibility verification for ALL members of the household.  We are requesting parents submit the application and documentation in person as soon as possible.  Applications for Free/Reduced bus passes may not be submitted electronically. 

There is no free/reduced rate for single ride ticket books


All students are required to display his/her school bus pass to the bus driver each and every day before boarding at bus stops and school loading zone.   Students without current bus pass shall be denied transportation services and will be referred for possible disciplinary action.