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Director's Message

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Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year

As we wind down the summer and gear up for another school year we are reminded of transitions.  Transitions are all around us, kids growing older, the slow yet steady march toward Graduation is one of life’s greatest transitions.  Year after year reaching, striving, growing toward one of the greatest milestones one can ascend to, leaving school and entering into the workforce or onto other pursuits in education via college or vocational institutes.

Throughout many kids’ academic pursuits is their need for transportation.  Home to School transportation for thousands is an absolute necessity in our District.  Our geographic location and size, contributes to many challenges for providing this critical service to our students, but we persevere.  Our professional and very competent Staff work long arduous hours for the students as they know the importance of our students transitions along their academic path.  Our Drivers who daily and weekly go above and beyond to help make our students lives safer, easier and more fulfilling through kindness and servant service that our students and their parents come to rely upon.  Our Transportation Staff who are always courteous and welcoming, and who have exceptional skills for supporting our drivers and parents and their students throughout the year.  Our Management team who work tirelessly to ensure that home to school routes are created, can evolve, and strive for flawless service.  Last but not least are our shop mechanics who apply their considerable skills to keep our equipment on the road, and enable seamless transitions for Drivers who have equipment that break down in the field.

Together the Transportation Team is always working behind the scenes to keep your children safe in this critical service that allows for students to meet their daily, weekly, monthly and annual academic commitments that allow their steady march toward their greatest milestone.  Being here for them gives us our greatest sense of pride!

Enjoy the upcoming academic year and we look forward to serving you and your students to the best of our ability.


Danny Medford



Director of Transportation

Snowline Joint Unified School District