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Communications Procedures

Lock Down Communication Procedures 



A lock-down is a response to a clear and present danger to the safety of students or staff at a school site. A lock-down may be initiated by one of the following:
  • Snowline Police Officer
  • SBCO Sheriffs Department 
  • School principal or designee
    • All School Site Personnel are empowered to report to office staff, if you see something say something.
  • When a lock-down is initiated, staff is to activate the School Safety Plan.


Once lock-down is initiated, communication will be transmitted through PA System, Radios, and the Shortel Emergency Notification System to staff and students.  Our number one priority is the safety of our students and staff, such that, immediate notification to parents/guardians may not be feasible.  We will notify parents/guardians as soon as it is safe to do so.  Parents may be notified through phone call, email, text message, social media, and web site.  Please be sure your contact information is accurate and updated in Aeries to ensure you are receiving notifications.
Please do not attempt to come to the school during a lock down situation as you will not be permitted to enter, and may hinder Emergency Personnel.

 During the Lockdown

  • All staff and students are to be in secured rooms, away from windows and visual contact from the outside during the lock-down.
  • Rules regarding cell phone use will be strictly enforced.

  • Staff will maintain a quiet and secure environement
  • Phones will be put to silent

Lifting the Lockdown

The Law Enforcement Officials/Incident Commander will authorize the lifting of the lock-down and communicate that decision to school administration.
District Officials will notify other district staff who need to be informed regarding the lifted lock-down status, including, but not limited to, senior administrators, principals and department directors.
District or School Officials will notify the parents/guardians and community members regarding the lifted lock-down status.
Web site and other online messages (e.g. social media) will be amended to reflect the lifted lock-down status.

After-Event Parent Communications

District or School Site Officials are to send a factual notice to parents regarding the day, time, duration and reason for the lockdown. The notice should include other information as appropriate such as lunch changes, transportation adjustments and extra-curricular and co-curricular activity modifications. The Public Information Office will draft messages for School Messenger and letters home to parents for school principal.


*The police department incident commander is a law enforcement officer or fire department official responsible for managing an emergency situation. He or she may or may not be on site, but will be consulted continuously regarding the threat level to the students and staff.
**A police officer is a law enforcement officer or fire department official who is participating in the management of an emergency situation but may or may not be on site.