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Staff Wellness Program - EAP

Staff Health & Wellness

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help with any issues that impact your life or ability to perform your job. It is open to ALL Snowline Employees and their household members.
The EAP is a free, confidential service that provides help for personal and work-related issues through a team of licensed mental health professionals and work/life specialists. EAP Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Coverage includes:
---- Therapy Sessions (5 per incident)
---- Legal Services (no cost attorney consultations)
---- Financial Resources & Planning
---- Child & Elder Care Resources
---- Daily Living Assistance (transportation, repairs, travel)
---- (webinars, on-demand content)
Visit the Anthem EAP website (password REEP) or call (800) 999-7222 to talk to a representative and be connected immediately to a mental health provider. 
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Contact the Health & Wellness Team

We can help you:
  • Put personal health & wellness goals into practice
  • Learn more about your health & wellness resources

☏ (760) 868-5817 ext.10158
💬(760) 540-1827
☏ (760) 868-5817 ext.10157
💬(760) 540-1893
☏ (760) 868-5817 ext.10156
💬(760) 540-0836
Chaparral High School
Eagle Summit Day School Serrano High School
Snowline Academy
Baldy Mesa Elementary
Heritage School
Phelan Elementary 
Piñon Mesa Middle School
Piñon Hills Elementary
Quail Valley Middle School
Vista Verde Elementary 
Wrightwood Elementary 
☏ (760) 868-5817 ext.10155
💬(442) 243-7359
☏ (760) 868-5817 ext.10160/ 21053 
💬(760) 540-1946
☏ (760) 868-5817 ext.10159
💬(760) 540-1992
Baldy Mesa Elementary
Heritage School
Quail Valley Middle School
Wrightwood Elementary 
Foster & Homeless Youth
Serrano High School
Phelan Elementary 
Piñon Hills Elementary
Piñon Mesa Middle School
Vista Verde Elementary 
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