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  • Our Risk Management department takes an active role in identifying, evaluating and protecting the physical, financial and human assets of Snowline Joint Unified School District. Activities include reviewing school and departmental safety and loss control procedures to avoid and prevent claims, purchasing insurance, and transferring risk through contracts.
  • Risk Management collaborates with several administrative departments including Human Resources, Facilities, Maintenance and Operations, School Police, Legal, and Business Services in order to provide an integrated service and support model.
  • Risk Management assists and supports all departments to increase safety awareness and practices and to establish a safe and productive learning environment.
For information, questions or assistance, please contact Risk Management.

760-868-5817, ext. 10151
Robert Chacon
Director of Risk Management
(760) 868-5817 ext. 10151

Meaghan Pratt
HR Analyst, Classified Personnel
(760) 868-5817 ext. 10133