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Mission Statement

“Achieving student success and excellence together!”
The Student Learning and Support Services department is committed to student success and excellence. Our team is intent upon providing the necessary educational leadership and support to ensure that all Snowline District students have access to a rigorous, relevant, standards-based curriculum and high-quality instruction that promotes high levels of student learning for all. To be leaders of these efforts and help the Snowline District realize its vision of becoming the best district in California, we remain dedicated to our department’s core purpose and values. 

Core Purpose

We are dedicated to continually improving instruction and student achievement through excellence in collaboration, staff development, and educational support.

Core Values

Focus on Students


* Appropriate resources
* Differentiation
* Based on student need
* Adaptable
High-Quality Service & Support


* Reliable
* Timely
* Responsive
* Professional


* Collaboration
* Respect
* Positive attitude
* Effective communication


* Whole child
* Multiple pathways
* Continuous improvement
* High expectations
If we are to achieve student excellence for all, we must do so together. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this information or anything else related to student learning. 760-868-5817 Ext. 10300
Allan Miller
Allan Miller
Assistant Superintendent
Student Learning and Support Services