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Child Welfare & Attendance

The Student Intervention & Attendance department of Snowline Joint Unified School District is here to provide intervention and support for the students of Snowline, in regards to at-risk attendance issues, student due process, inter-district transfer, homeless, and foster youth services.

Our goal is to assist you in educating your child.

Kirk Strickland
Administrator, SIA


Our mission is to "ensure endless possibilities" for all our students through the recognition of potential at-risk behaviors and to pro-actively intervene with students, parents, and staff to support practices that will lead to student success.


Kirk Strickland
Administrator SIA
Foster Youth/Homeless Liaison
SARB Administrator´╗┐
Lyne McGuire
Secretary SIA
Office: 760-868-5817 Ext. 10142
FAX: 760-868-5309