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Pinon Hills Elementary

Snowline JUSD Police Department responded to a threat to Pinon Hills Elementary School and assembled a threat assessment team. The team conducted a threat assessment and, based on the results of the assessment, determined there was no immediate threat to the school, students or staff. Actions have been taken to improve the situation. Presently, no students or staff are in any danger. We take each and every threat seriously and we are grateful for the partnership with our students, staff and community in keeping our schools safe.
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Pinon Hills

Snowline JUSD Police Department is responding to a threat made at Pinon Hills Elementary School and to conduct a threat assessment. If necessary, steps will be taken to mitigate the threat, based on the results of assessment. Students and staff are not in any danger.
Safety and security of students and staff is the primary concern of Snowline Joint Unified School District. Remember, if you see or hear something, say something.
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Saturday Academy 3/16

Is your Saturday routine getting old? Well, head over to our Saturday Academy and check out all of the cool things we have to offer! From STEAM projects to scavenger hunts, there is something for everyone! Our next Saturday Academy is this weekend so sign up now! Click the link for more info!
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