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Parent Resources: Parenting Tips & Community Resources

  • Hazel Health- your student's FREE access to Hazel Health continues over the summer for emotional & mental health services! (anxiety, depression, changes, loneliness, identity, body image, etc...)
Hazel Health Summer
Hazel Health Summer Spanish
Sign up for Hazel Health- it's free for all Snowline students.
  • Reduce screen time with clear boundaries. Check out these 10 Tips for Taking Screen Breaks English | Spanish
  • Family Activities:
  • Free mental health apps for students & families Soluna (teens to age 25) | Brightlife (kids 0-12)
  • Summer Feeding Program!summer feeding program
Are you a student?
We have an entire series of self-care and wellness activities for you. Check them out.
Social-emotional learning describes the mindsets, skills, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school, career, and life. It focuses on how motivation, social connectedness, and self control enable every student to learn and thrive.

We owe it to students to provide them with not just academic knowledge, but with the skills they need to apply that knowledge in all settings, throughout their lives, with confidence and security. 


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Building Social-Emotional Learning Competencies

The CASEL framework addresses five areas that are fundamental to SEL competence. These skills are important for collaboration and perspective-taking, and serve students well in school and in life. By building skills in these areas, students manage their emotions, handle challenges, and reach their goals.

5 Social-Emotional Learning Competencies:

  • Self-awareness: the ability to recognize one’s strengths and limitations with a sense of confidence and purpose
  • Self-management: the ability to manage one’s feelings and behavior, including handling stress 
  • Social awareness: the ability to understand the perspectives of others, including those from diverse backgrounds
  • Relationship skills: the ability to communicate clearly, listen actively, and work collaboratively to problem solve
  • Responsible decision-making: the ability to evaluate the benefits and consequences of various actions
Additional Parent Resources:
A C.O.R.E. Solution

A Core Solution was formed in 2014 by four career driven women who purposed in their heart to make a difference in their community. They saw the day to day struggle of the single mother, the single father, the broken home and the forgotten teenager. Their goal was to create a safe nurturing environment where people could come to re-discover themselves through grace, assistance, education and above all else love. We specifically address the needs of low-income families, youth and children, older adults, veterans, people affected by disabilities and financial hardship.

There are adults that have found, by choice or by force, situations that are beyond their control. A C.O.R.E. Solution is looking to fight against the GIANTS in our lives like hunger, homelessness, hopelessness, poverty in mind, body, and spirit.

How will we fight?

  • With financial assistance through:
  • collaborative partnerships and donations
  • through education and empowerment and
  • fight through coaching and mentorship with the commitment to transform lives and enlighten our clients to be the blessing that the Creator intended for them to be. 
 Goal... To empower a community where people realize and use their full potential to create change.
 For more information, call:
760-563-6767 or contact us by email at: [email protected]
Our website is:
Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9:am - 3:pm - Friday: By Appointment Only
Closed: Saturday & Sunday
We are located at:
14318 California Ave. Suite #106
Victorville, CA 92392
All K-12 students are eligible for free busing through the Victor Valley Transit Authority with only their student ID. Details and information on the VVTA website
Food Resources
Health Resources
Are you a student?
We have an entire series of self-care and wellness activities for you. Check them out.
The state of California has free therapy options for all California students (age 0-26). Explore BrightLife Kids (age 0-12) or Soluna (ages 13-26).
Hazel Health
Hazel Health
Suicide & Crisis Tips
If your student is having a life-threatening mental health issue, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
Looking for more help?

Wellness Education Lab- Online Training Modules

Wellness Education Lab is now offering free online training for students (ages 13+) or their parents in the areas of mental health and wellness. Click here to begin these excellent online trainings. 
Crisis Hotline
Office of Student Intervention & Attendance
Office: 760-868-5817 
Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm