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Social Emotional Learning - September 2023

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start with hello
(September 25-29, 2023)
As a focus on suicide awareness month, we will be celebrating Start with Hello Week across the district September 25-29. The goal of this week is to promote awareness of social isolation and encourage a culture/school community that responds to social isolation with positive connection.
Serrano High School has been doing Start with Hello week for the past few years; we are excited to bring this short lesson/curriculum to all grade levels for suicide awareness.
Students will be taught in all grades to identify social isolation (see someone alone), reach out to help, and simply start a connection by saying hello.
Stop Walk Talk/Expect Respect Curriculum
Students will be taught in all grades to respond to bullying or frustrating behavior by following the procedures STOP WALK TALK. Stop. Students will ask the person to stop. Walk away. If the behavior continues, students walk away. Talk. If the behavior continues, students talk to a trusted adult. 
Red Ribbon Week Curriculum 
(October 23-29, 2023)
Coming Soon (email [email protected] for updates)

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CASEL and Social Emotional Learning Overview

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