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Social Emotional Learning - January 2024

Families & Students: Looking for resources? We've got you covered.
January Connect Belong Grow
Kindness Week Lessons (January 22-26)
Elementary (TK-5):
Second Step Unit 3 is on empathy and kindness for all grade levels. Please focus on these lessons throughout the week; you could even do one lesson per day.
Middle School & High School (6-12):
Digital Citizenship Lessons:
LESSON ONE: Self-Awareness Online
LESSON TWO: Self Management Online
LESSON THREE: Responsible Decision Making Online
LESSON FOUR: Relationships Skills Online
LESSON FIVE: Social Awareness Online
Parent Engagement Nights: 
parent night

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We can help you:
  • Learn more about CASEL's 5 Competencies & resources
  • Put personal health & wellness goals into practice
  • Brainstorm challenging student behavior
  • Tailor lesson plans & ideas to your grade-level/subject
  • Create or modify Social Emotional Learning lesson plans
  • Teach and coach with model lessons
  • Analyze student data for behavioral trends and interventions
  • Learn more about PBIS (and support your PBIS teams)
  • Learn more about Restorative Practices

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Health & Wellness Team

CASEL and Social Emotional Learning Overview

Watch this video about the 5 Core Competencies of SEL:
Best Practices for all Five CASEL Competencies